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Glucocorticosteroid and Immunosuppressive therapies for chronic glomerulonephritis have shown very limited
long term therapeutic benefit and often associated with some significant side effects. We have opted for
non-toxic and non-immunocompromized approach to help support the body for people with this disease.

The most important feature of our natural herbal nutritional supplements for this group of pathologies is to
help the body to detoxify the kidney tissue from endogenous and exogenous toxins that could be the
underlying cause of the inflammation, functional insufficiencies and glomeruli damage.

Second feature of our natural supplements is to help the body to promote tissue repair by supporting cellular
energy production and improving microcirculation in the kidney.

Kidney+SP  is a natural herbal supplement with possible anti-oxidant, cellular cleansing and cellular energy
enhancing activities. Many people do not realize that chronic immunopathologic (inflammatory) disorders of
the kidney are often caused by primary or secondary abnormalities in renal microcirculation, metabolism,
respiration, deficiency in defense against oxidative agents and nutritional supply for kidney tissues. Based on
this prediction, a specific formula and concentration of herbs in Kidney+SP have been formulated and
successfully used by many people with all types of chronic glomerulonephritis to help balance their bodies.
Hundreds of customers worldwide who have taken this specific combination of herbs in specific dosages and
concentrations have achieved remarkable improvement in their health.

Kidney+SP supports healthy body balance and kidney function which is important for proper kidney filtration
and protection from toxic agents such as heavy metals and other environment toxins. The herbs contained in
Kidney+SP have shown very positive effects in balancing the body for people with chronic glomerulonephritis,
nephrotic syndrome, proteinuria as well as drug induced kidney pathologies.

Kidney+SP is manufactured utilizing pharmaceutical standards and offers the highest concentrations in the
industry (30-1 instead of 5-1). Higher concentrations equate to superior results.

Kidney+SP was formulated from 6 herbs: Polyporus umbellalus, Ligusticum wallichi, Orthosiphon aristatus,
Ludwigiua adscebdens, Radix astragalus and Rehmania glutinosa
in a specific ratio and concentration that
have shown very positive effects for balancing the body for people with chronic glomerulonephritis, nephrotic
syndrome, proteinuria as well as drug induced kidney pathologies.

Suggested Use:

For people with chronic glomerulonephritis use Kidney+SP as a dietary supplements to balance the body.  
Take 5 tablets, three times daily.

For people who suffer from very severe types of chronic glomerulonephritis and who have developed kidney
failure we recommend using
Kidney+SP in combination with Kidney-tonic (Kidney-Alisma Kit).

For people with diabetic nephropathy, use
Kidney+SP in combination withBerberine for body balance and
maximum support.  

For people with focal segmental glomerulosclerosis and other type of Glomerulonephritis with extreme high
level of proteinuria, use
Kidney+SP in combination with SuperK-antioxidant (GS-kit)  enriched with
Ganoderma lucidum would add the therapeutic benefit.

The selected herbs in
Kidney+SP help to perfectly balance the body thus allowing the body to reduce the
side effects of prescribed medicines used for Kidney disease treatment.  
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