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Fumacell represents a unique combination of herbs know for their strong anti-inflammatory (Boswella, Phellodendri) immuno-regulatory (Sarcandrae, Morinda), anti-spasmolytic (Peony) and strong detoxifying (Smilax) properties and a natural cellular energy supporter L-Carnitine fumarate.

This supplement may provide support for*:

  • Healthy Immune System
  • Healthy Adrenal and Thyroid Functions

Product details:

Proprietary blend: Boswella,Cortex phellodendri, Morinda citrifolia, Peony alb, Sarcandae. Smilax and L-carnitine
Each bottle contains: 120 hypoallergenic capsules (625 mg)
Suggested Usage: As a dietary supplement, take 4 capsules each time, two times a day, or as suggested by a healthcare provider. Sensitive individuals may want to take with food.

Additional Information:

Current conventional treatments for chronic autoimmune and inflammatory diseases remain symptomatic, relying mainly on pain relievers (Vioxx, Celebrex, Tylenol ect...) and immuno-suppressive drugs (Methotrexate or Corticosteriods) or surgeries such as a splenectomy. The selected herbs and a natural energy supporter in Fumacell were chosen specifically to support and restore healthy body immune system balance*. In contrast to the immuno-suppressive approach that uses a drug to suppress the entire immune system including healthy immune cells, the herbs in Fumacell are known to be strong immuno-modulators. Although a detail picture of how these herbs will positively affect the immune system is not known, immuno-modulatory properties of these herbs are thought to enhance the healthy immune cells and suppress the abnormal immune cells that attack the bodies own tissues.
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