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Blood-SP, Immune SP and related products are nutritional supplements, which are formulated based on Dr. Hoang's immunological research and clinical experience over 30 years. Many of our clients from all over the world have been delighted with the results of using these products. Please read on and learn unique personal experiences shared by our customers.

Health Condition: Bleeding disorders and Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)

Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) is a common hematologic disorder manifested by immune-mediated thrombocytopenia. Patients typically present with petechiae or purpura that develop over several days, accompanied by platelet counts of 1,000–20,000/ml. Severe cutaneous bleeding, epistaxis, gingival bleeding, hematuria, or menorrhagia may develop at platelet counts below 10,000/ml.
The disorder is usually chronic. Although many eventually attain safe platelet counts after treatment, about 40%–50% of ITP patients are characterized as refractory. These patients do not respond to splenectomy or their condition relapses after an initial response and require additional treatment.
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Why Use Natural Products?

Our specialists have researched and selected optimal proprietary herbal and nutritional blends (i.e. Blood-SP and Immune SP) and applied them successfully to support people with chronic low platelet disorders, including ITP and Aplastic Anemia. Many individuals worldwide have used our formulas to achieve a more balanced and healthier state. Our nutritional supplements help our bodies to stabilize its bleeding symptoms and to raise the platelet count into a safe range, resulting in an improved quality of life.

Recommended Products and Combinations:

  • ITP & Platelet kit - Herbal support combo for people with ITP, pregnancy-related thrombocytopenia, low platelet counts.
  • Blood-SP - Herbal support for people with excessive bleeding or anemia without cause.
  • Agrimonia - Additional herbal support to use with the ITP & Platelet kit for people with extreme low platelet counts. to enhance the body's ability to heal

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We strongly recommend all ITP sufferers try and reduce stress within their body and mind. Physical stress in the body can come from toxins like heavy metals, chemicals, viruses, bacteria, and poor diet. Emotional stress in mind can come from lack of relaxation, worry, stressful relationships and situations, and insufficient sleep.

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Testimonials & Personal Experiences from our Customers*:

My son Wane, age 19 was diagnosed with ITP in June of 2008. He was hospitalized with a platelet count of 1,000 and spent 5 horrific weeks going through IV drips of human globulin, massive doses of steroids and many more medications to counteract the side effects of the steroids. He developed thrush, his red blood count started to plummet, and he had bone loss, he also started to have severe nose bleeds (probably from the low platelet count, and maybe the drugs used) and developed cushing syndrome from all of the treatments in the hospital. Wane began to have terrible pain in his legs from the bone loss and was prescribed very strong pain killers. The next thing suggested by the doctors was to remove his spleen. I began researching ITP and natural cures. I found Dr. Hoang through the grace of God, and contacted him while Wane was still in the hospital. He was having severe nose bleeds and I was scared to death. Dr Hoang returned my call on a Sunday at the hospital... and after speaking to him I ordered the ITP & Platelet kit and some of the other medicines he suggested. During our hospital stay, I let the doctors know that Wane was taking the natural medicines suggested by Dr Hoang, and that we would be traveling to California to see him. I refused to allow them to continue to treat my son after the 5 weeks in the hospital, but kept him on the steroids and some the other drugs he was prescribed by the hematologists at the hospital. Dr Hoang had also advised me not to discontinue some of the medicines he had been prescribed but to start up with the ITP& Platelet kit. I had also contacted a consultant at a health food store in our area and she suggested that I immediately start a homeopathic medicine for the nosebleeds. They stopped almost immediately, and did not return except for once instance when we had first gotten to California and were exposed to the dry climate of the desert, and again we stopped almost immediately with the homeopathic medicine. We made the trip cross country in a car, as I was too afraid to fly with the possibility of bleeds. Wane's platelet count began to rise from between 2,000-5,000 to 24,000 from August 2nd to October 5th. We stayed in California for 6 months and his platelets gradually rose, as we followed Dr Hoang's advise, and began to gradually wean Wane off of the steroids, and the pain pills. His platelet count continued to rise to 55,000 by February to 124,000 by the end of March and is not a whooping 227,000 as of June and continues to hold in the 200,000 range since out last blood draw in August. I can't say enough good things about the care and natural cures that Dr Hoang suggested Wane take to cure his ITP condition. I was so fearful for his life when he was hospitalized, but have all the confidence in the world in Dr Hoang and his cures. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Dr Hoang is a very compassionate, caring and knowledge doctor and I would encourage anyone to follow his direction regarding autoimmune disorders. Ramo D., a Very Blessed Mother

I’m 75 years old and am a practicing general dentist. Some 10 months ago, I was diagnosed with a (not lymphoma or leukemia)... blood disorder in my bone marrow which was resulting in a very high white blood cell count. I’ve gone through six rounds of chemo at Georgetown University Hospital in Washington, D.C. which brought my white blood cell count done considerably and I’m now under “evaluation”, which means blood tests every other week and we’ll see what happens over time. After the chemo, I noticed that my platelet count was going down. and I now had some red spots on my arms under the skin. In researching this, I found many articles that stated that this was an after-effect of the chemo treatments. I started taking the Blood SP and the Immune SP pills from Fuma Natural and within one week the platelet count started to go up and now I have a normal platelet count. Also, no more red areas under my skin. I can’t thank Fuma Natural enough. Their products are outstanding!!! Harry K.

My mother's platelet count has gone up from 2,000 to 59,000 over the last 3 months. As she has been diagnosed with a chronic ITP having for last 30 years, we really don't want to take any chances. This ITP & Platelet kit" has been the first herbal products that she has responded to so well. Her platelet count has been under 10,000 for last 5 years as she did not response to conventional medications. There was no other treatment option available for her as she has been on them all, and she even had splenectomy. Her haematologist in South Africa is astounded at her response. He will be contacting you, as well as another renowned haematologists in South Africa. I would also like to thank you for all your help and assistance, it is much appreciated! You are also more than welcome to use my mom as a reference, we do have all her medical records to proof that your products are not a scam. Kind regards, Sanet U., Pretoria, South Africa

I was diagnosed with ITP in December 2004. I was a 29-year-old nutritionist and mother of 3 at the time. I was always a very healthy person; however, I recently encountered a lot of stress in my life and it began taking its toll on my body. I was sleeping only a few hours every night and during the day, I was always shaky due to the incredible stress I was under. All of a sudden, I became ill. I immediately began high doses of C, zinc, astragalus, etc. I also saw my doctor, and he talked me into taking antibiotic. After taking the first dose of antibiotic, I began feeling weak. The second day, I woke up with bruises all over my legs. I had been to a skating party with my kids the night before, but did not fall at all. I was confused about the bruising, but ignored it. Then the next morning I woke up with a bloody nose and blood spots on my tongue. It was then that I went to the ER, only to find that I had 5,000 platelets. I was terrified because the ER doc immediately talked about a platelet transfusion. He said to me "You don't want to bleed in your brain, do you?" I ended up getting away with not having a platelet transfusion, but they started me on 60 mg of steroid medication instead. I am only 100 lbs, so 60 mg of steroid was horrible. I stayed up all night shaking and sweating. Then I would have these horrible lows when the steroid would wear off, feeling like I was too tired to even walk! After 24 hrs, my platelets had increased to 12,000, then the next day to 24,000. The doctor spoke to me about a splenectomy and he wanted me to have all of my vaccinations before I left the hospital to prepare for the surgery. I did not want the vaccinations, so I refused. I left the hospital and he tried to wean me off steroid slowly. When I would get below 20 mg, my platelets would drop. I was also dealing with horrible side effects. I cried all of the time and also had panic attacks. I was shaky and never slept. Then I would hyperventilate when he would try to cut the dose in half. The steroid was worse than the disease! This is when I began the ITP & Platelet kit. I was determined to keep my spleen and get off the steroid. After 2 days of the herbs, my platelets rose to 50,000. My steroid dose was then 5 mg. After another week, my platelets rose to 125,000. I slowly weaned off steroid and had to stay with 2.5 mg for a few days because I was so sensitive to the withdrawal effects. My platelets are now at 275,000 (9 months later) and I am off the herbs. I occasionally take a few of the herbs just in case! But so far, my platelets have not dipped below 260,000! I feel like these herbs have saved my life! I am so thankful that I am not one of those people who listen to their doctor's every word! If I was, I would not have a spleen today! My hematologist finally admits that he is 90% sure that it was the herbs that made me better! That was great to hear! He calls me his miracle patient! Shanais P.

In October. 2012 my platelet count had suddenly gone down to 3.000 from a previously normal count of 200.000. I was hospitalized and treated with IgIV's. and a very high dosage of steroid. After that I was given antibody infusions, immune suppression medication and N-Plate in an attempt to get me off the 60 to 120 mg of steroid I was on for four months. All of this lowered my platelet count even more. Even platelet infusions became ineffective. I was getting severe side effects from the steroid and my doctors didn't know what to do other than remove my spleen. I was desperate for help when found your website. It has been just one year since I started taking your natural herbs for my Refractory ITP on a daily basis. My doctors were against my taking them but when everything they tried not only failed to help hut made me worse. I continued taking them. Just as your product information stated. my platelets gradually increased. My last blood test showed a platelet count of 58.000, a safe range. and now all my other blood counts are back to normal. I am feeling healthier each day as all the drug side effects wear off. MN, local Hematologist is amazed at my progress and asked for the information about your company which I am giving him. He stated he may recommend your ITP & Platelet herbs to other patients. Thank you for your wonderful product.
Sincerely. Susan R.

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