Dear Fuma Natural visitors, In the last 25 years, a line of herbal nutritional supplements has been developed by medical doctors, scientists, and master herbalists that has achieved exceptionally good results. We use these products routinely in our centers, and many of our clients from all over the world have been delighted with the results of using these products.
Read on and discover a healthy way to balance and heal yourself. Our bodies are really quite resilient and able to take care of themselves, especially when they are in balance!

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Our Philosophy of Integrating Western and EasternMedicines for Chronic condition: Chronic conditions that affect functions of the heart, liver, kidney, or digestive systems often do not respond well to Western medications. One reason that Western medicine fails to treat these diseases effectively is that, in general, it does not appreciate the importance of natural substances in helping the body to heal itself. In contrast, the philosophy of Eastern medicine is based on understanding that the human body has a marvelous recuperative ability. Given the right foods and supplements, it can repair itself.In addition to eating a healthy diet, it is important to take specific nutritional supplements and the active compounds in natural herbs. The appropriate combination of natural supplements can provide an opportunity for the body to balance and heal itself - the ultimate reversal from a disease state.

How do we integrate medications and herbs? Sadly, there is ignorance and distrust by both Eastern and Western physicians in regard to combining therapeutic agents from each other traditions. Western doctors consider herbs mysterious, difficult to understand, and of questionable quality. Eastern doctors find that Western medications are too overpowering for the body and are associated with negative side effects.

At Fuma Natural, we find that integrating Eastern and Western medicines can bring tremendous benefits for people with chronic diseases: Western medications for their power, precision, and dramatic effects, and herbal supplements for their natural simplicity and fewer negative side effects.We recommend that people take herbal and nutritional supplements to support specific conditions. Herbal supplements can help the body to balance and heal itself, thus minimizing the negative side effects of drugs. We also recommend taking natural nutritional supplements to achieve greater health and an improved quality of life. People feel better when they take these supplements, and they report fewer negative side effects from any medication they are taking.

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